Killed without reason when walking

This is a recent error in the game that will be fixed in the upcoming days.

Networking issues : no server in the list, no login

We are experiencing major issues on the networking. We will fix this in the upciming days. Please excuse us.

The launcher does not run

  • Check your UAC settings
  • Run as administrator

The launcher used to run but does not run anymore

  • Remove the Config folder in your game installation

The launcher downloads at 0kb/s

  • Close the launcher and put it in a folder where you have write permissions

The launcher is stuck on "Downloading release notes"

  • Your network does not allow you to use port 21 (FTP) or the update server is down.

The game does not run when I click Play

  • Check your UAC settings
  • Run as administrator
  • Run directly Binaries/Win32/UDK.exe in your game installation
  • If it fails with a missing DLL, run Binaries/Redist/UE3Redist.exe and Binaries/InstallData/vcredist_x86.exe
  • Should the game still not launch, install manually DirectX  from Microsoft

I get a "Request denied" when registering

  • You have a wrong username, password or email.
  • You need to enter a valid email.
  • The two passwords should match when registering
  • If this is when connecting, remove the UDKGame/Config/UDKDVSettings.ini and create a new account in the game